Month: October 2019

In the mortgage calculator you can get an overview of the interest rates at all current interest rates. Calculate the cost of the monthly repayment. In the first step, you can quickly and easily determine the cost of your financing with our Housing Calculator! Simply select the loan amount, the term and the interest rate and get monthly fees. You can use the home loan to expand or renovate your own home.



Enter the amount of your loan request and a deadline in months. Start the calculation and you will receive your personal monthly installment. Use the sliders to choose the loan amount and duration you want – the monthly installment and the loan amount will be displayed immediately. How much credit can I spend?

How much credit can I raise with my desired interest? If you select a monthly rate, the system displays the corresponding loan amounts and the associated terms. How much can I save?

What is the price per month?

What is the price per month?

What is the price per month? Mortgage collateral is based on the respective favorable interest rate. Depending on the creditworthiness of the respective client, the interest may also be increased. The tariff and all details in the example calculation are only approximate, non-binding reference values. In no case does it replace the value stated in the quotation or contract!

To avoid financial bottlenecks, the loan conditions can be adjusted. Do you value comfort, security, reliable design and flexibility in your home? The interest rate is based in principle on the USD present value. eRiboro “is the most important reference interest rate for loans in the Eurpean Union. For loans for which a property has been pledged as a pledge, a land registration fee (1.2 percent) is payable.

The general ranking of liens amounts to 0.6 percentage points.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

A mortgage – often called mortgage loan or mortgage loan – is a classic real estate loan. Mortgage loans, unlike home loans, installment loans or consumer credit, are secured by a land register entry. Usually, a mortgage loan is tied to the security provided by the property in question, ie a property or a dwelling, which ensures repayment and interest payment in the event of non-payment.

This means that the house bank has the option of being registered in the cadastre by a mortgage or a real estate lien if the equity capital is not sufficient for the refinancing. This also gives the house bank collateral, because if you as a borrower do not meet your loan obligations, the house bank has the option to use the deposit for repayment.

The land register entry usually takes place up to the amount of the promised loan amount, but can also be used for larger amounts, eg for additional equipment or a subsequent extension of the property. Of course, as with any home loan, a mortgage loan will only be given to creditworthy people.

In addition to the income and the financial conditions, the objects to be financed are also examined – for example with regard to location and type, year of construction or equipment. Mortgage loans are subject to the same conditions as any other loan: exactly match terms, additional costs and contract terms. Because mortgage loans are usually very large loan amounts, you should pay particular attention here.

Our loan calculator compares what are currently the best mortgage offers in Austria. If you find the right provider for your mortgage loan, you can use our loan calculator to contact the appropriate provider and request a personal loan offer. With a mortgage loan you can equip your property or your home with relatively little own funds.

Disadvantage: The conditions, ie the interest rates, for such a mortgage loan are usually much more expensive. Mortgage security (land register entry) provides further security for the principal bank, which usually offers much greater scope for financing a mortgage loan – at lower interest rates than a normal loan.

A mortgage is granted with variable interest and as a fixed-rate loan. The term of a mortgage loan depends not only on the level of financing needs but also on the financial circumstances. You can also calculate your individual loan on the Internet with variable interest.